Complete, Customized Solutions.

Knight SCS leverages our parent company fleet of 5,000 company owned trucks and our 20,000+ partner carriers to offer a dense network of dry and refrigerated capacity. By combining the latest technology with a collaborative network of industry experts, you can expect more value from any of our solutions.


Knight uses industry-leading software and processes to engineer a comprehensive logistics solution to fit your needs.


We integrate with your business processes and communications systems to automate and facilitate your solution.


Our day-to-day monitoring of your shipments makes sure that they are moving in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


With real-time data analysis, we help determine pain points and identify potential opportunities to improve upon your solution.

Whether you’re shipping full truckloads or a single pallet, our custom solution will fit your needs and grow with your business.

Value Statement

Fueled by our people and focused on building partnerships, Knight SCS delivers true supply chain value.

National and Regional Carrier Network

Consolidated Invoicing

Customized Reports

Web-based TMS Software

Freight Payment & Audit

Claims Management

Real-time Track and Trace

Vendor Cost Controls

Rate Negotiation

Knight Transportation Account Team

Design The Best Logistics Solution for Your Business

Contact our account team to learn how we can deliver more value by designing a logistics solution that fits your exact needs.

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Truck Load

Truckload (TL)

You can rely on our own fleet and partner network to cover all your TL needs, including dry van, temperature-controlled, open deck, drayage, and more. Knight provides you with a single point of contact, emphasizing service and proactive communications in order to maximize shipping efficiency. We are committed to developing strategic partnerships so that we can offer the tools, technology, and visibility you need to ship with full confidence.

Knight Transportation Truck

Single-stop or Multi-stop Routes That Fit Your Needs Every Time

Consolidated Shipments to Save You Money

Dry, Refrigerated, Open Deck, and Port & Rail Services

Expedited Shipping Available

Less Than Truckload

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

We provide custom coverage for any size freight program. Whether you need inbound vendor management, single pallet or multiple pallet shipping, or a complete LTL solution for your business, Knight SCS has you covered. Our LTL team manages every one of your LTL shipments like it was our own. Our one-stop solution provides competitive rates, outstanding service and visibility, and a single platform for all your LTL needs, regardless of commodity, size, or shape. Single point of contact and platform for all of your LTL needs. We combine the best of all the LTL carriers to create the solution that works best for you and your business.

Loading cargo into truck

Single Pallet or Multiple Pallet Options

Complete LTL Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Shipping That Grows With Your Business

Personalized Service, Total Transparency, and Detailed Reporting Regardless of Load Size

Tracking and Tracing

Supply Chain Engineering

Managed Transportation

Whether you require a sophisticated, enterprise-wide Transportation Management System (TMS) or a streamlined solution for your small business, Knight can manage your supply chain using industry leading technology. Our TMS provides critical, real-time visibility into your supply chain, and our heuristic-based optimization engine makes sure your shipment moves in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. As a Knight SCS TMS client, you get our unwavering commitment to communication, customized systems that fit your needs, and efficient handling with every shipment.

Knight SCS managed transportation will reduce your supply chain costs while improving your level of service.

Managing your supply chain management


Rate Negotiations

Freight Classifications

Pool Point Opportunities

Mode Shift / Optimization


Dedicated Account Team

Supply Chain Control

Visibility / Track & Trace

Customized Reporting

As part of our managed transportation solutions, Knight SCS provides 3PL services that deliver successful results.

Multimodal Transportation Systems Through a Dense Network of Owned Assets and Partner Carriers

Single Point of Contact Account Management Model for Personalized Solutions

Dynamic Technology Platform Providing Shipment Optimization, Operational Visibility, and Custom Reporting

Managed Transportation

Supply Chain Engineering

With our rigorous planning process and heuristic modeling, Knight will identify cost-saving opportunities within your supply chain network. We will continuously support your business with real-time metrics and customized reporting by monitoring your shipping execution and reacting to your specific needs.

Full network across the United States

Industry Leading Technology and Expert Knowledge Used to Design, Plan, Implement, and Execute a Dynamic Solution for Your Unique Business Requirements

Your Supply Chain can be Optimized Using Full Network Analysis for Maximum Efficiency and Cost Savings

Consistent Evaluation of Your Changing Needs for Optimum Customer Supply Chain Improvement

Complete Visibility Into Your Supply Chain Performance with Customized Reporting and Dedicated Communication